Sunday, March 19, 2017

How To Install System Transparency

System Transparency

Copy & paste 'System Transparency' folder to C:\ or C:\Program Files (x86)

Then right-click on 'System Transparency.exe' & click 'Run as administrator'

To change settings, go to system tray right click on System Transparency icon & click 'Setup and info'


Jawad Khan said...

which version u r using?

Alessandro Morandi said...

Hi guys, I have set system transparency as I like it, also activating the option to start it at windows startup. When you start windows, however, the transparency is only active on the start bar, on the task bar, and on the pop-up menus, and not on all system windows, although it has also flagged this, each time I have to manually activate it. Knowing to give me a solution ?? Thank you.

MLIE 5B POLTEK APP 2015 said...

name windom custom? and icon? please

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